3 non-perscription reasons to visit the eye doctor every year

by Joseph Gowen, O.D.  |  Optometrist, Pueblo, CO

Your eyes need an annual hygiene boost– especially if you are a contact lens wearer. Visiting the optometrist once a year will keep your vision sharp and your eyes feeling great.

1) Keeping up healthy eye habits

We go to the dentist every 6 months to get cleaning but more importantly, to get a little reminder about dental hygiene – floss more, drink less soda, keep that brush moving in round little circles, etc.

Going to the eye doctor does the same thing – you’ll leave more committed to keeping your contacts clean and avoiding overwearing them.

2) Check the fit

Contact lens that used to fit well and feel comfortable can suddenly stop working. Most patients in this situation think they can’t wear contacts any more. They don’t realize that changes in your health or medications can affect the fit of your lenses.

Talking over your medical history with your optometrist will help you determine if you can keep wearing contacts. There is a wide range of lens options and your eye doctor will help you find the one that works best for your eyes.

3) Catching damage to your vision or health

Early detection is the key to overcoming a host of health issues. Your optometrist can tell how well your diabetes is controlled and detect other health issues, like high cholesterol or blood pressure just by checking the eyes.

If you are over wearing your contacts or not caring for your eyes, your eye doctor will catch signs of allergic reactions, possible eye infections and even changes to your prescription due to your contact lenses.

And of course, if you get your eyes checked regularly, your optometrist will make sure you’ve got the most accurate prescription possible so your vision is crisp and clear.