Helping Pueblo See Better Faster with Contact Lenses

by Joseph Gowen, O.D.  |  Optometrist, Pueblo, CO

As an optometrist serving the eye care needs of Southern Colorado, Pueblo and outlying areas I'm motivating by three important needs:

  1. Keeping eyes healthy and comfortable in the dry Colorado climate
  2. Making eye-care affordable and convenient
  3. Respecting that many of our patients traveling long distances to reach our office

That's why we now keep a full stock of Air Optix contact lenses in our office.

This means you can take your contacts home the same day your prescription is finalized. 

I'm really excited to now serve you better with:

  • Contact lenses the same day as your exam
  • No shipping costs
  • The same affordable price as online retailers

Air Optix are far and away our most popular lens because they are both comfortable and affordable. They work well in the dry Colorado climate. 

As always we offer hassle-free returns on boxes of unopened lenses. We also  backup each purchase with our quality guarantee -- our lenses are never expired and we will replace any defective lenses, at no cost. 

One of our recent patients left the following online review: 

Great care, quality advice and service and staff!! I felt like I was given experienced as well as expertise by a doctor who cared that his patient received the best care possible. I will continue my visits with his practice and I like my glasses and script,costs- it's a win-win for me! Many thanks:)

My goal is for every patient to have a positive eye exam experience from the pre-check to taking home your glasses and now contacts. 

If you need an exam call us at  719-296-9597 Or click the button below.