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Living with astigmatism, you know all about the daily eye fatigue, blurred vision, and frustration getting the correct eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Joseph Gowen and Associates are experts at navigating the sight issues stemming from astigmatism. Using the latest technology, we’ll make sure you leave our office with a solution that improves your vision and your life.

Benefits of Addressing Astigmatism

Expanded Eye-Wear Options

Dr. Gowen and associates will help you find comfortable solutions.

Reduced Eye Strain

Finding the right eyewear takes strain off your eyes.

Clearer Vision

The right correction will have you seeing a sharp image wherever you look.

“Dr. Gowen and his staff are amazing! I tried to go to another eye doctor because of my vision insurance but I had such a horrible experience that I came running back! They were able to get me right in, they had a pair of my extremely complicated contact prescription in stock, and by the time I got home from vacation the following week I already had my contacts. Dr. Gowen is so caring and kind.”

– Anonymous

What Causes Astigmatism?


You can inherit astigmatism, so you might have had the condition since birth.

Eye Surgery or Injury

Surgeries or injuries to the eye can change the shape of your eye and lead to astigmatism.

Eye Disease

Certain eye diseases, like keratoconus which thins the cornea, can cause astigmatism.

Treatment for Astigmatism

Prescription Eyeglasses

Getting a pair of eyeglasses made for astigmatism is key: you need special cylindrical lens corrections to compensate for the uneven curvature of the cornea or lens. Dr. Gowen can help you find the perfect pair!

Toric Contact Lenses

Toric lenses use different designs, like thick-thin zones or prism ballasting, to keep the lens aligned on the eye, resulting in a sharper image than a traditional lens.

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Rigid contact lenses treat astigmatism by creating a rigid, smooth shape on top of your cornea. These often take some getting used to but may provide a clearer image than soft lenses.

Why Should You Treat Astigmatism?

Clearer Vision

Astigmatism, even unaccompanied by other vision issues, makes your vision blurry. Treating the issue clarifies your vision.

Improved Quality of Life

The way we see affects everything. Treating issues like astigmatism goes a long way in improving your life.

Long-term Eye Health

Annual eye exams can detect and treat other eye conditions that can worsen your vision

“Very good experience with Dr. Gowan. He was knowledgeable, friendly, listened to my concerns, and answered all my questions.”

– Ron U.

Other Services We Offer

Contact Lenses

Fitting for contact lenses begins with an eye exam, followed by lens selection and fitting. But we don’t stop there: you’ll also receive education and training on your new lenses, along with ongoing care.

Emergency Care

You’re experiencing an emergency when anything suddenly affects your vision or causes trauma to your eyes. This includes eye infections, chemical exposure, and foreign objects. Give our office a call right away.

Eye Health

Eye health exams can detect eye problems before they damage your vision. With our exams, we can catch glaucoma, melanoma, diabetic eye damage, and other eye diseases while there’s still time for treatment.

Glasses and Eye Exams

When you can’t see well, it affects everything. With an eye exam, we’ll discover your ideal prescription and then help you get the glasses you need to start seeing clearly…and love the way you look.

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