Dry Eyes Treatment in Pueblo, Colorado

Find relief for your dry, itchy eyes.

Ease your symptoms

Increase tear production & lubrication

Reduce inflammation

Feel Better Fast

Living day after day with dry eyes in Pueblo, CO is more than just a nuisance. Your dry eyes are likely gritty, itchy, irritated, and inflamed, and these symptoms can affect both your vision and overall health. Getting treatment is a vital step in keeping your eyes healthy. Dr. Joseph Gowen & Associates will help you reduce these symptoms and avoid any more serious problems related to untreated dry eye syndrome.

Benefits of Treating Dry Eye Syndrome

Stop the Itch

Dr. Gowen and associates will help you find relief from dry, itchy, irritated eyes.

Relax and Feel Better

Enjoy better vision and more comfort viewing digital devices.

See Clearly

Without dry eyes, you can wear contact lenses and eyeglasses comfortably again.

“I have been coming here for a few years now. Dr. Gowen and his entire staff are so friendly and so genuine and so fun. Top-notch care and I would highly recommend them to anyone!”

– Debbie O.

What causes dry eyes?

Screen Time

Staring for long hours at computers, smartphones, and tablets causes you to blink less, which results in increased tear evaporation and eye strain.


Exposure to dry air, like wind, smoke, and forced air, can cause dry eyes, accelerating tear evaporation and disrupting your tear film’s stability.


As you age, your body produces fewer tears. A decrease in tear production means less lubrication and moisture on the eye’s surface, causing irritation and dryness.

Treatment for Dry Eyes in Pueblo, CO

Personalized Care Plan

At Dr. Joseph Gowen & Associates, we’ll tailor a treatment plan specific to you, using diagnostic tools to get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Innovative Therapies

Experience relief with prescription eye drops, punctal plugs to conserve tears, or specialized therapies to restore balance to the tear film.

Holistic Approach

Beyond traditional treatments, our team emphasizes lifestyle changes, like increasing water intake and other nutritional tweaks, to ensure long-term relief.

Ongoing Support

From initial consultation to follow-up appointments, our team provides check-ins and check-ups to help you manage your dry eye symptoms effectively.

Why Should You Treat Dry Eyes?

Corneal Damage

Persistent dry eye syndrome, if left untreated, can lead to corneal abrasions or ulcers due to the lack of lubrication and protection.

Reduced Quality of Life

Untreated dry eyes will keep you from enjoying simple daily activities like reading, driving, and using digital devices.

Chronic Discomfort

Ignoring dry eyes could exacerbate their condition, resulting in chronic discomfort, eye fatigue, and increased sensitivity to light.

“Very good experience with the staff at Joseph Gowan & Associates. They were very professional. Dr. Gowen answered all of my questions. Will go to them again in the future. I highly recommend this practice for your next visit.”

– Frank L.

Why Should You Treat Dry Eyes?

At Joseph Gowen OD & Associates, we are committed to protecting the vision and meeting all of the eye care needs for the Pueblo, Colorado area. If you find yourself stuck with an eye emergency, call us. We will fit you in for a same-day appointment and work together to resolve your symptoms.

So you can stop worrying and get back to seeing clearly.

You deserve accessible, affordable, and, above all, quality eyecare with someone you can see again and again. That’s why we’ve been practicing in Pueblo since 2012, working alongside Eyemart Express to serve all your eyecare needs.