Eye Exams Are Just the Beginning

Joseph Gowen, O.D. & Associates tailors eye care services to the specific needs of Pueblo, CO, and the surrounding area.

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Glasses and Eye Exams

When your child can’t see the chalkboard or your glasses don’t help like they used to, you know you need some eye care help.

The professionals at Joseph Gowen, O.D. & Associates are here to keep your eyesight clear and your future in focus.

When you come in for an eye exam or glasses, you can expect help with:

Prescription re-checks

Eye-exams for kids

Same-day glasses

Prescription sunglasses and safety glasses

Frames for all ages

Comprehensive eye exams

Located conveniently inside EyeMart Express in Pueblo, Colorado, you can keep your eyes healthy and get the prescriptions your family needs, all in one place.

Eye Health for Pueblo, CO

You know you want to protect your vision – but with most eye diseases, you don’t know you’re in danger until it’s too late.

Joseph Gowen, O.D. & Associates can detect eye problems before your vision is damaged.

Come in for an eye health exam and you will be screened for:



Diabetic eye damage


Protect your vision and strengthen your health through regular eye exams.

close up shot of woman putting in contacts


Tired of your glasses fogging up, interfering with sports, or cutting into your field of vision?

Joseph Gowen, O.D. & Associates can get you fitted with contact lenses ready to take home, usually in just one visit.

When you buy your contact lenses through Joseph Gowen, O.D. & Associates, you can expect:

Specialty fits that are right for your eyes

Exclusive manufacturer rebates only available to doctors

Easy exchanges if your prescription changes

Follow-up care from doctors invested in you

Get the clear vision you need from the eye doctors you trust at Joseph Gowen O.D. & Associates.

Emergency Care

Sudden eye pain, vision loss, or a traumatic eye injury can be frightening. The wait time, cost, germs, and non-specialized care you find at the ER or urgent care might be even worse.

Joseph Gowen, O.D. & Associates offers specialized emergency eye care that’s more reliable than the emergency room.

If you experience any of the following, schedule a same-day appointment so we can help:

Persistent eye pain

Severe sensitivity to light

New floaters or flashes in vision

Vision loss or double vision

Severe eyelid swelling

Chemical exposure

Get seen fast, and get back to your normal, healthy life.

High Quality Eye Care and Eyewear

Come to Joseph Gowen, O.D. & Associates for all your eye health needs in Pueblo.